Renovations at ALL District 34 schools will impact EVERY student.

Proposed improvements include:

Safety & Security Improvements

The safety and security of all District 34 schools will be improved by adding fire suppression systems, strengthening security at entry points and other locations within the schools, and adding space to remove hazards.

Mechanical / Infrastructure / Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Repair and renovation of District 34’s aging school buildings will extend their useful life, improve energy efficiency and reduce costly emergency repairs. Improvements include replacing outdated, inefficient HVAC, electrical, lighting and plumbing systems, addressing underground stormwater problems, and updating deteriorated flooring, roofing, brickwork and paving district-wide.

Accessibility Improvements

Addressing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) needs in each school will enhance accessibility for students, staff, parents and visitors with disabilities.

Instructional Space Needs

Instructional space will be added to meet special education programming needs, eliminate the need to use hallways for individual and small-group instruction, storage and certain physical education programming, and allow for full-day kindergarten. District 34 would join the other four Glenbrook High Schools District 225 feeder schools—and almost 80% of schools statewide—in offering full-day kindergarten.

Repair and Renovate Springman Middle School

Springman Middle School was built in 1953. Proposed renovations include safety and security upgrades, updating science labs and classrooms, and improving multi-purpose spaces including the gym and cafeteria. This will provide an equitable middle school experience across the District.

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